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Nick July 20, 2020 13:07


Originally Posted by MITZE (Post 147271)
Not absolutely positive that this is a bug, but the way things tally up for the throwing damage of various objects according to the game don't seem right to me.

I'll have to check it thoroughly; it's entirely possible that the shown damage is not the actual damage.

Sideways July 20, 2020 14:30

Entry 74 in history.txt (character description for ents) has one space too many at the end.

The same monster was described as simply a "cutpurse" when it woke up and when it fled in terror, but as a "dwarf cutpurse" when I actually fought it; not sure if this is intentional, but it looks very strange.

A giant black louse just generated inside the northern boundary wall of a wilderness level. The square displays as a normal permanent wall when I'm not close enough to see the louse. I cannot actually inspect either the louse or the wall because they're outside the intended play area, but the louse shows up normally on the '[' monster list. (The game eventually crashed on this level, I think that happened either when the [sleeping] louse tried to wake up, or when it had already woken up and tried to multiply.) I guess MITZE already reported this bug.

Would be nice if kin summons from green-elf priests and the like would summon more green-elves, or at a minimum more elves, rather than just other monsters with the character p.

Sometimes the game just chucks me out for no apparent reason. Not completely sure if that's firstage or, but I haven't seen any other variants do the same.

Spirit nagas should be worth way more XP.

Holy_Rage July 20, 2020 15:01

In Belegost's Black Market ("7"), the number of scrolls of Identify Rune shown to be available for sale is superior to the ones actually available.

Buying and using scrolls of Identify Rune on an unIDed item does not always reveal the targetted rune. Used three scrolls to manage to get results on a single rune.

Holy_Rage July 20, 2020 19:40

Casting offensive spells against enemies occupying a tree or rubble square does not trigger a miss chance due to them hiding behind a tree or a boulder. Intentional perhaps?

While in wilderness (Thargelion 11), once nighttime fell, a skeleton kobold spawned right in the same square as @. Casting See Invisible didn't reveal it, it kept attacking until I actually moved away from the said square. Very thematic if intended, an undead clutching @'s foot and clawing :P

Sideways July 20, 2020 20:15

The game (apparently) crashes or gets stuck when I try to give-ID a resistance armour with some unknown rune on it. This seems to be reproducible, maybe dhouseholder can get you the files.

dhouseholder July 20, 2020 20:18

crash when giving items to shop for ID
1 Attachment(s)
Rodent has reported a bug. When he tries to give his armor of resistance to a shop to ID the runes it crashes. He says it is reproducible.

Here is his save file & the eight most-recent randart files.

Nick July 20, 2020 22:15

I've just pushed a fix to Github and which disables the store and home inventories from the knowledge menus, and fixes dhouseholder's crash - which was a dumb mistake in generating the levels with the entrances to Nargothrond and Tol-In-Gaurhoth.

I'm assuming this thread will continue to outgrow my fixes, at least until the weekend. I hope the bug-finding is fun and rewarding :)

dhouseholder July 21, 2020 00:14

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Hi Nick,

I am able to enter Talath Dirnen 29, but I could not find a dungeon entrance after magic-mapping the whole level twice.

I also tried to go into Sirion Vale 36 but I am getting a repeatable crash. That's where the attached save is at.

MITZE July 21, 2020 02:19

Report Batch #5
Prices: May in fact not actually be a bug, but curses don't appear to have an effect on pricing; I checked what I would get for a cursed amulet I was carrying, completely uncursed it, and it fetched the same price afterwards.

Object Destructibility: Certain objects should maybe be immune to elements that their base type otherwise wouldn't be--wands/rods of lightning bolts vs. lightning attacks, for example.

Monster Confusion: Confusion doesn't seem to stop monsters from at least breathing (maybe casting spells too, I didn't notice that). Should it?

Monster Tracking: Probably unwanted behavior in regards to monster tracking and player traps; if the player, monster, and trap are in the right spot the monster will continually walk over a trap trying to get to a player. This worked to my benefit against Lokkak.

MITZE July 21, 2020 05:25

Player Traps: Make the info for player traps display what element they do and the damage, where applicable.

Resist Potions: Make the info for the resist potions display how much % resist they give, or if it's a non-set amount give some indication of what you can expect.

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