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Sideways March 9, 2022 12:04

Uniques cannot be killed with a poison needle, except for the babble at the bottom of the Arena, who's a hardcoded exception.

budswell March 9, 2022 13:48

What is the go with a poison needle? I've never tried one.

EpicMan March 9, 2022 16:06


Originally Posted by budswell (Post 157847)
What is the go with a poison needle? I've never tried one.

Most of the time it deals exactly one point of damage, but occasionally (think around one in ten times) it will deal (monster's HP + 1) damage, which will instakill the monster.

The chance in code (from 7.1.Salmiak) is randint1(randint1(r_ptr->level/7)+5) == 1
This means that 1-time-in (random number from 6 to (5+monster level /7) ) it will kill the mob.
So for the Metal Babble guardian in the Arena, a level 80 mob, you would have 1-in-6 (best case) to 1-in-16 (worst case) chance to instantly kill it. I think (Statistics class was a long time ago) the average chance is 1-in-11.

But it varies a little based on monster level, so for instance a level 50 mob would range from 1-in-6 to 1-in-12 (average 1-in-9), while for a level 100 mob the max is 1-in-19 (average 1-in-13).

Pete Mack March 9, 2022 16:20

1 in ~8.5 for DL 50 monster. (You can't add denominators.) For what it's worth, the odds are of order 1/log(DL).

MITZE March 20, 2022 21:01

Bug/RFE: Giants, etc. & Kronos' Sickle
Titans have Kronos as their racial boss, yet his sickle is, unflavorfully, not suitable for Giant wielding.

Posted for Rolanako.

MITZE March 29, 2022 20:59

Bug(?): Death-Swords and Disenchantment
The function for Death-Swords getting disenchanted and losing their essences (r_sword.c, line 1114) doesn't appear to be called anywhere; as far as Rolanako and I can tell Disenchantment isn't any more dangerous or annoying for Death-Swords than any other character, even though I could have sworn that was not the case at some point.

Bostock March 31, 2022 10:27


Originally Posted by ShadowTechnology (Post 157845)
Update: Got him! I dimension doored right next to him several times, but he always blinked away immediately before I could needle him. Finally I tried a charge right at him as he rounded a corner and charged me, throwing raw logrus and psycho-spears all the way. Suddenly he was right in front of me. I got him on the very first needle stab! Lucky I guess. I was expecting stab-heal-stab-heal-etc.

Note that since the babble doesn't levitate, etc., it has to spend extra energy to enter trees. It will fireball trees if you're next to them, but you can often stand one square away and approach just after it enters them without making it blink. Of course you'll need a good pile of ?Forest Creation for this, or to have some other means of tree creation.

budswell April 12, 2022 16:42

So I've gone back to coffee break, if I'm going to die around CL30 may as well get there quicker.
But how do you guys control the pacing? Do you just sit and rest in DLs you've pretty much cleared waiting for monsters and loot to respawn? Or do good players not really need to pace it?
I rarely get to CL35, and find that it's too much for me id DL is > CL+5. And when under CL25 I keep DL < CL

Thraalbee April 12, 2022 17:19

Mainly I avoid killing summoners unless I dont need more xp at the time

MITZE April 14, 2022 23:17

Bug?: Devicemasters and Transfer Essence
The Transfer Essence ability for Devicemasters (devicemaster.c, line 265) seems to only let you transfer from deeper objects to ones of shallower depth, yet its safety check message (line 290) makes it seem like it's supposed to work in the opposite way (from shallow objects to ones of deeper depth).

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