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GrimaTheBold July 31, 2021 21:23

Another device question, since I'm trying Devicemaster for the first time (wands in this case).

What is the use case for the Transfer Effect spell? All I can think of (though I haven't tried it yet) is to transfer a higher-level wand spell (say Meteor) to an ego-wand (resistance, capacity, etc) version of a lower-level wand spell, say fire bolt. Is that the purpose, or am I not seeing something?

Edit: LOL, it never occurred to me that I'd be able to use devices in Thalos Arena, since no other class can. Finally tried it a wand on a whim against Elder Thing, and what do you know, it works.

Sideways August 1, 2021 09:14


Originally Posted by GrimaTheBold (Post 154625)
Another device question, since I'm trying Devicemaster for the first time (wands in this case).

What is the use case for the Transfer Effect spell?

You can transfer effects to wands of higher power, to ego wands, or to non-ego wands of higher capacity (more mana). One example would be taking a power 50 nexus ball wand and transferring the effect to a power 100 wand, giving you a super-powerful nexus ball.

GrimaTheBold August 1, 2021 17:07


Originally Posted by Sideways (Post 154632)
You can transfer effects to wands of higher power, to ego wands, or to non-ego wands of higher capacity (more mana). One example would be taking a power 50 nexus ball wand and transferring the effect to a power 100 wand, giving you a super-powerful nexus ball.

Ah, I see. What I missed at first is that it copies some parts of the source to the destination, but not all. I just looked at the source:


dest_obj->activation.type = src_obj->activation.type;
dest_obj->activation.difficulty = src_obj->activation.difficulty;
dest_obj->activation.cost = src_obj->activation.cost;
dest_obj->activation.extra = src_obj->activation.extra;

So it doesn't copy ego, power or mana, meaning those stay with destination object original values. Now I'm going to drive myself nuts trying to figure out how to optimize my wand collection. Thanks as always Sideways!

Destro August 2, 2021 15:58

Been playing recently and really enjoying my current run. All of the new changes over the past few years are... wonderful!

I've got a level 43 Demigod Hades Blood Mage Sorc+Demon at the moment and am currently doing lvl 80 angband rerolls to snipe loot off the ground. Managed to get a ring with globe of invulnerability on it this way! Which, was super lucky, and is letting me push kills on harder uniques for more loot. Yay!

Still looking for my 4th sorcery book. I know there is some dungeon that I can beat to get it, but I can't remember which one anymore (hah!) and I'm holding out hope to find it on the ground somewhere instead, or in a vault.

Playing the game without a wand of cloning (yes, I haven't played since then), is tough! I'm actually 'experiencing' the game now. And, it's letting me experience all of the various mob strengths and weaknesses. Was interesting to see Atla the 'strongest' titan easily gets perma-confused... HAH!

Main goal right now is to gradually and slowly level to 49 to use Polymorph Demonlord, since I lucked out on the 4th demon book early... then use that to hopefully take down the level 80+ bosses because I do NOT do enough damage using wands/rods only. If I can get my 4th sorc book in the meantime, even better, as I really want those spells.

Astral Guide is amazing. And, regretting that I picked Cult of Personality, as it seems waaaay worse than it was in the past. I probably would have picked the movement speed one instead (action economy manip too op!).

Probably going to do some more quests too once I hit level 45. Just want to get more hp overall and that should push me over 800. If I can get a good speed ring above my current +6, that would also be really nice, though probably unlikely for a while.

Another strat I'm considering too is to get a few capture balls with decent mobs to help cheese out some kills. Staff of Summoning is good, but I see it has been nerfed as uniques have ridic mana reservation and mobs sometimes are hostile... so capture balls could be a good way to get a few beefy tanks to try and pop a few more uniques. Unique loot is good!

Tried a few other race+class combinations and I just love Blood Mage too much. The health is just so good. And, how can I live without the Sorcery branch of magic? And then, the appeal of late game demonlord status is enough to keep me coming back for more. Hades was just for more health, and I don't regret it at all either! Though, I see why Hermes could be good... the way haste + slow stack now is... quite interesting. But, health still too good.

My biggest fears right now are uniques with crazy high damage spells like mana storm, becuase they do like 500 damage... and if they get a double turn, how do I live? Well, I probably don't. So, I'm avoiding them and other uniques out of total paranoia. IDK, how non-mage players beat that kind of mess... I guess get over 1k hp and then spam tons of healing pots, haha!

So yeah, just having fun. Wanted to share my experience. Thanks for maintaining this great game!

edit: Can't cast spells as Demonlord... right. Well, that change ruined game fun for me. RIP. Will maybe play again another run in 8 or so years, lol....

edit 2: Pushed too deep and died to Nodens. Not much counterplay when he gets off 3 turns in a row while I have higher speed. Random speed is a biiit ridiculous. Oh well! Finally free :D

judias August 3, 2021 06:45

corrupted save game
1 Attachment(s)
Good morning, I was playing Frogcomposband salmiak and I canīt open the filegame, it seems it is corrupted or something happens. I Leave here the file in case it can be recovered.
Many thanks in advance.

Sideways August 3, 2021 12:56

Unfortunately the file is too badly corrupted, there are many problems with it.

Any idea what might have happened to it?

judias August 3, 2021 15:57

I was without internet for some days and played in my laptop with frogcomposband in a pendrive, I returned to my usual computer and I was able to play one day (yesterday) but today again in my laptop and it didnīt open. A think I noticed two days ago was, that frogcomposband was running very slow, zb it needed near half minute to load the city after recall or descending stairs.
Just a pity, it was one of my best attempts in frogcomposband, I learnt a lot playing it
BTW many thanks for the game although it is a difficult one!

AwooWolfWoof August 4, 2021 09:55

I don't know if I just missed it guys, but is there any command to empty a quiver or is the only option to fire the contents? :o: confused:

Also, how do you go about assigning points from level ups and the bosses? For the warriors/rogues/archers, going for a str/dex/con rotation has mostly worked for me but for example when using a mage, should I assign one point to each of those stats along with magic or should I replace one of those?

wobbly August 4, 2021 11:13

You can empty the quiver with 'd'rop or 't'ake off. I believe it's / to cycle between inventory and quiver. My fingers know it but off the top of my head...

For mages most players just focus on int. The other stat to consider is str and this is all about how much you care about your carrying capacity. Late game con will matter for hps and chr will matter against fear, but for early game just pump the casting stat and maybe consider some str.

Thraalbee August 5, 2021 10:50

AAR - Monster Hydra
I like the game but I'm getting bored with my normal (melee/archery oriented) characters. What to do?

I recalled that monster Centipede was a fun win. Not because it is so awesome, because it isn't. But finding the right gear and play style was fun.

This time I chose monster Hydra because it plays as a warrior too and has a low xp penalty. The high regeneration is useful, especially if you boost it further with mushrooms and items.

The core strength of the Hydra is many but rather weak attacks. Initially not so impressive, but with the right gear it is more than enough. 11 attacks means that Terror Mask (+18,+18) or a single "Hell Harness will add almost 200 dpr. And you can wear a lot of those!

Hydrae get to use multiple helmets and amulets plus one light source and a cloak. Primarily, you want items that add to your Melee damage. After a while you need to focus on Speed too, but Hydrae are fast enough with a temporary speed boost until the mid/late game.

Strong gear is a must. So how do you get this? Killing your racial boss is a good thing so that takes priority just as completing the Old Castle does. But the easy way (too easy?) is to collect ?Acquirement and trump tower to Angband 98. Be sure to bring one or two ?Destruction, wearing stealth boosting items helps too. The surprise is that you will only get amulets, head-wear and cloaks. Yes! The good stuff keeps rolling in for quite a few scrolls until eventually all you will get is crap.

Archery isn't available so it is devices or breath for ranged damage. I relied mostly on _plasma bolt (eventually withouth the wands) for this. _Confusing lights helps too, once you get one of those.

Would I recommend playing a Hydra?
Yes, definitely for this of you who like brawlers. The ability to combine multiple amulets is quite awesome too. Anti summon AND anti magic/MR AND Hell Harness AND Trickery ...

[Edit: dump]

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