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Sphara October 1, 2020 13:43

Another little question about 1.4.4 FAngband played on

What is the mechanic behind waking EVERYTHING up as soon as it comes to a druadan's view? My stealth sits as "excellent" and no item has aggravation.

From the help file I did read that only mage gets a little stealth penalty in late exp-levels. But a druadan warrior? Should be fine. Is it 4 light items I'm wearing or what? Having two rings of combat neither of which have aggro?

When I remembered that I had the Dart of Eol in my quiver I was 100% certain that the problem was solved. But no. It had no aggro-thingy.
I'm clueless.

Current dump:

wobbly October 1, 2020 15:28

Items can have hidden curses if they pseudo as "perilious" or whatever the mixed one is called. There are scrolls of reveal curse.

Cuboideb October 1, 2020 16:15

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This file has some compiler warnings fixes for the last commit.

Nick October 1, 2020 22:19


Originally Posted by Cuboideb (Post 148639)
This file has some compiler warnings fixes for the last commit.


On the aggro, I think wobbly's explanation is the most likely. If an object's description says "You know all the enchantments on this object", it usually (I think always) means it has a curse you haven't discovered.

Sphara October 2, 2020 07:46

Thanks fellas.

It was one of those Rings of Combat I was wearing. The better one ofc :)

Nick October 13, 2020 21:22

My current plan is to put a second beta out this weekend, which will break savefiles from the current development version (which is what's on It should have pretty much all the features of original FA that I'm including (although probably not player ghosts, which I probably will include later), so hopefully it's mainly bugfixing from there.

klassik October 14, 2020 13:09

awesome news.

Nick October 18, 2020 05:23

2.0 beta 1 now available, it breaks savefiles from 2.0 beta. This has most of the features of FAangband 1.4.4 that I am intending to use, so please point out anything I am missing. Please play and enjoy.

Pete Mack October 18, 2020 15:08

How does it compare in lines of code? Has all the code rationalization actually paid off?

wobbly October 18, 2020 15:32


Originally Posted by Nick (Post 148852)
so please point out anything I am missing.

I could not locate vorpal bunnies in the monster list.

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