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Sideways June 29, 2020 17:26


Originally Posted by DavidMedley (Post 146655)
I'm talking about, for example, pelting Morgy where he can't see you and is too dumb to move to where he can see you or to summon some friends to help ferret you out. This is how I finished off my only recent win, BTW. Or making long diagonal corridors where you can hit the enemy many times around the small bend but they can't see you. Assymetrical LoS is a great term for it.

The Morgoth situation (and probably the hound situation too) aren't really asymmetrical LOS, though; they're a situation where neither side is in the other's LOS but you can still shoot Morgoth with sufficiently careful aiming. So while making LOS symmetrical would eliminate hockey-sticks, it wouldn't change a ranged Morgoth fight much.

DavidMedley June 29, 2020 18:26

OK, good point... so shooting stuff you can't see, like putting English on a fireball or something... JFK's magic bullet...

Huqhox June 30, 2020 09:56

I believe a sufficiently skilled bowman could trim is arrow so it would swerve during flight... so maybe there's some merit in it

DavidMedley June 30, 2020 18:23

But none of the bad guys have this ability? Or think, "Hey, someone that I can't see keeps shooting me... let me use this incredible power I have to summon some friends!"

Pete Mack June 30, 2020 19:22

No. Arrows are spin-stabilized (by the curve of the feathers), so any curving is essentially random.

Sky July 1, 2020 01:12


Originally Posted by DavidMedley (Post 146626)
It doesn't, but it also doesn't slow HP recovery.

.. was it changed in 4.2.1 ?
because AFAIK ring of open wounds has specifically "impair hp recovery".

DavidMedley July 1, 2020 03:26

BGs have impair HP naturally. You can wear two rings and it won't make a difference.

Huqhox July 1, 2020 12:46


Originally Posted by Pete Mack (Post 146703)
No. Arrows are spin-stabilized (by the curve of the feathers), so any curving is essentially random.

(Yes I know this is OT)

That's what I thought too until I looked it up... apparently it's possible to adjust the fletching so that the arrow curves in flight. As to how much and how reliable, I've no idea. I just thought I'd throw it in there in case anyone wanted some head cannon :D

Pete Mack July 1, 2020 14:02

So... seeker ammo should be required for LOS abuse? Because the sling can never be nerfed enough!

DavidMedley July 4, 2020 00:47


Originally Posted by archolewa (Post 146612)
I fear orc uniques while playing a Blackguard in a way I don't really with the Paladin or Warrior.

On my latest BG run I'm plastering Orc uniques and it made me remember that I have on my previous runs, too. Not "shoot-and-scoot kite Orcs so they never lay a glove on me like Money Mayweather vs some tomato can" plastering them but "go toe-to-toe with them and outlast them 'cause I got an iron jaw like Rocky Balboa" plastering them.

Here's my script. Choose the first available:
- HP dangerously low, phase door away
- If SP >= 6 and Orc is not stunned, use Maim
- If (SP near max or HP near min) and (SP >= 4 and CL >= 20 and blows <= 2.0), use Leap
- If (SP near max or HP near min) but Leap isn't appropriate, use Maim again
- Normal melee attack or item usage as appropriate

Stunning really lowers an enemy's melee damage output. Casting when you are seriously hurt can be a decent source of healing without requiring a turn (the theoretical max return of damage->SP->casting is to double your total HP).

I haven't done side-by-side comparisons between BGs and other classes, but I know this approach works well enough.

ADDENDUM: It occurs to me that before you attain CL 15 and buy the 2nd book from the store, BGs don't have much going for them vs unique orcs. If you're finding yourself in that spot, I'd say you're not bullying random monsters enough. It's much more fun and profitable to "seek battle" against weaker enemies as a BG than with other classes.

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