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Quirk September 20, 2021 14:46


Originally Posted by wobbly (Post 155431)
By the way Quirk your post read as a little heated, not sure that was intended.

Fair, have been ill a lot lately and it's made me grumpy. Will tone it down a tad.

Infinitum September 20, 2021 16:49

Eh. We've been having the same argument for years. I'm mostly doing ou of habit at thi point.

HugoVirtuoso September 20, 2021 17:39

The interaction with Thralls. Is this in the Sil-Q manual? If not, it should be

Quirk September 20, 2021 17:48


Originally Posted by HugoTheGreat2011 (Post 155438)
The interaction with Thralls. Is this in the Sil-Q manual? If not, it should be

No, the manual doesn't cover commands/interactions currently - but there's probably a good case that the help screen should.

bron September 21, 2021 23:43


Originally Posted by Quirk (Post 155417)
FWIW I think wobbly's smithing on this run has Smithing in a place I am quite happy with it - most gear customised to fill niches the character needs without being dramatically better than normal end-game gear, plus an uberweapon

I looked at wobbly's post on the ladder, and I'm clearly missing something. Perhaps wobbly can enlighten me? The question I don't understand is, How was Narth able to kill Morgoth? You claim in the game notes that the final weapon is both Sharp and Branded, but the item description in the equipment list just has the brand, not sharpness. But even if it were both Sharp and Branded, AFAICT Narth doesn't have Rapid Attack so I don't see how he could deliver enough damage for a kill? Am I just plain wrong about that, or is there something I'm not seeing?

I've been playing around with some 50K smithing characters (similar to my comp 217 character) to challenge my own assertions about all this, and so far I've been able to produce some very powerful archery characters, and been able to smith some reasonably powerful items. Without Rapid Fire, and Flaming Arrows, and with the weight restriction on the bows, an Archery based Morgoth killer seems unlikely, but getting a Silmaril is definitely doable. I need to start exploring Melee characters more seriously.

Anyway, it's kinda looking like I may be snacking on Crow soon enough.

wobbly September 22, 2021 08:46

My notes were perhaps unclear. I could afford sharpness but I got 2 extra damage sides instead. I could of done +0, 3d5 6lbs and the str gauntlets instead, and in retrospect I suspect that was better.

The kill was raw damage, enough con to take a hit, the brand+vengence (its on the amulet). Accuracy came from concentration and controlled retreat. Again con + good protection was important as drinking a heal would break concentration.

Most of my will comes from staying on the ring. He still managed a slow through 2xFA but only once at short duration.

bron September 22, 2021 19:09

Interesting. I just find it remarkable that you were able to do enough damage, fast enough, to overcome Morgoth's healing without Rapid Attack. And you must have done a good job of killing everything else in the throne room first, and/or getting Morgoth into a long corridor, since any sort of distractions would allow him time to heal. And I'm sure it was a long fight even so. Very well done indeed!

Infinitum September 22, 2021 23:38

Idle thought, but has anyone tested how song of slaying interacts with breaking Silmarils off the crown? Does he crown of morgoth even have health?

Quirk September 23, 2021 12:16


Originally Posted by Infinitum (Post 155465)
Idle thought, but has anyone tested how song of slaying interacts with breaking Silmarils off the crown? Does he crown of morgoth even have health?

The crown doesn't have health, no, it has its own hit calculation. This is quite awkward any time any skill that should affect that calculation is added or modified. In this case Slaying has no interaction with it.

HugoVirtuoso September 23, 2021 12:16

Bug? Some beta versions ago, Spider hatchlings and the Brown spiders were not poison resistant. Are they still not poison resistant in the most recent beta? I think they should be. I think I got the name wrong, but I am referringtos the spider + hatchling subtype that appear in the very early game before the Sword Spider.

On the same topic, are Distended Spiders and the other higher level spiders resistant to poison? Again, I think they should be, if not yet already. Except for the Shadow Spider, though.

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