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  1. Abaxvahl
    March 23, 2017 14:48
    Are you on 4.0.5? If so how do you get your ascii to be like your screenshots here:

    Mine is always thin, spread-out, and ugly, I can't get it to be pretty like that.

    And do you recommend that race/class for beginners?
  2. Grotug
    February 9, 2017 12:02
    Wow, awesome. How many turns did the win take?
  3. Azuria
    February 9, 2017 05:02
    It was my first win as a ranger, and 10th overall.
  4. Grotug
    December 11, 2013 03:18
    Heh, what happened yesterday in game just goes to show close doesn't count: Was picking through tons of junk looking for one more useful item from a dl91 level with very good treasure feeling. I found a powerful axe with cold protection and +2 all stats. After killing all the monsters and combing through the last of the drops, and nearly calling it a day several times, I found a crown artifact that brought me the closest I've been to solving my character with no wis, con or dex sacrifice and only minor str sacrifice, but I dawdled too long. With the new setup, my only missing pieces were lightning and nether, but, of course, sans rLightning with the new setup would be a real problem, but I thought I was safe. The level was very quiet. There was only one, lone stone troll stuck in the gigantic treasure room. Never seen such a large special/permanent room before. Other than that, I really had killed/banished everyone, including slaying an entire room of A's. Suddenly, totally out of the blue, my health is 56. Really? What the... I loathfully press [more] and I live to see another turn. I check the messages and quaff a !*healing* and don again Dor-Lomin. The Great Storm Wyrm had struck me with lightning. It takes me a minute to find it down a ways and off to the side, off screen at the edge of a hallway opening.

    In other news, just solved my character. I'll post the character dump.

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