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  1. backwardsEric
    August 28, 2021 02:09
    I'm satisfied with where the Mac version is. As for a prebuilt binary, I could build one. It'd be unsigned which raises the bar a bit to get it to run. I'm not familiar with Apple's procedures for signing the application, and I suspect that signing wouldn't be adding much in terms of security since I'm not really in a position to lock down the signing key.

    You could also use GitHub's CI/CD environment to build it. You can look at the workflow script in Angband, , for what it's doing. That script is automatically populating a release for GitHub so it's likely more complicated than you might want, but the steps for doing the build on the Mac might be useful. Those steps coupled with uploading generated disk image (dmg) file as a "workflow artifact", as GitHub calls it, should let you manually download the disk image and incorporate it into a release.
  2. Quirk
    August 22, 2021 22:50
    Hi Eric!

    Before I go any further: I have huge appreciation for all the work you've been putting in to make the Mac version of Sil-Q a great experience. Thank you very much. I suspect at this point the Mac version is probably a good deal better than the ancient Windows code.

    Anyway, on this point, I am hoping to finally do a release in the next couple of months. Are you happy with where the Mac version is at? I think I will need your help to build binaries for Mac users who aren't quite so skilled at rolling their own (on Linux, I consider this par for the territory, but the technical bar elsewhere is set lower).

    It's not an immediate need, I am happy to throw a beta out for testing right now, but if you can let me know anything you think is important on the Mac port in the near future, I'll make sure any release plans incorporate that.

    All the best,

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