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  1. chris
    August 17, 2011 03:19
    You are playing with the "Allow monsters hostile to each other" option turned off. I added a check so that they will use spells in the monster arena.

    BTW, who wins:
    [1] Serpent vs Unicorn? Serpent.
    [2] Serpent vs Babble? Babble.
    [3] Serpent vs GWoP? Serpent (Not even remotely close)
    [4] Serpent vs Talos? 50/50.
    [5] Serpent, Unicorn, Nodens and Talos? Talos every time
    [6] Serpent vs Zombified Serpent? Zombie, of course!

    Still, monster summoning is turned off so its not truly fair ...

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