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  1. Quirk
    November 1, 2017 08:52
    Release 4 is out!

    I thought I updated the link - will go check. But this one has the Smithing changes, the ID changes and searchable skeletons. Oh, and more horn-like horns.

    Work is still progressing. I think Coup de Grace will do a more interesting job than Smashing Blow, and am happy there for now, but I'm reworking Defiance at present. Feels like it leaves you too fragile with too little compensation, cool as it is. Then it's on to the songs.

    Things have gone so well and so quickly I anticipate maybe getting to my big overhaul this year - fortress-like level generation and making most of the gear to be found forged for orc or balrog use. Fewer orcs carrying round longswords of Gondolin would be good!
  2. Bucephalus
    November 1, 2017 03:04
    Hey man. Is "release 3" still current? Did I miss a link?

    I'd rather be addressing changes, of course, but supposing there are none, I admire what you've already done. Sil is a flawed masterpiece. At this point, I think your vision for the game is less flawed. It can be hard to find blemishes on your own baby. Creating something so good, and improving on it, seem to be equally difficult, and equally rare, and maybe that's why.

    If I missed something, please let me know. I no longer play vanilla, and release 3 is treating me well, so, you've got feedback coming with the next update, like it or not.

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