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  1. daniel.santos
    November 20, 2012 12:13
    Hello there. I registered and posted a new thread under Vanilla on Sunday and I have two problems:

    a.) It gave me a message that my post wouldn't appear until moderator approval *but* it was only on the screen for about a second, so I couldn't read it.

    b.) My message has yet to appear

    So mostly, can you please rescue my message from the depths of the bit bucket (I was talking about Pixies in Angband, it's a patch set) and then perhaps can you alter the code to disable the redirect when the post requires moderator approval so I don't have to click "back" 5 times in order to read the entierty of the message? I don't know php or even vBulletin, so I can't help you much there, sorry.

    Thank you

    Edit: it's Wednesday now and I'm feeeling very sad, lonely, and neglected ... *sniff*
    Seroiously, I know we all have lives, but if you can look into this soon, I would appreciate it. I'm hoping for some useful community input & critique of a mod I'm proposing to Vanilla Angband and there are some finer points of which I feel I lack the experience to properly assess if it is correctly ballanced or not.

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