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  1. Ingwe Ingweron
    May 3, 2018 19:39
    Ingwe Ingweron
    Just happened to come here doing a search of my previous posts and noticed your message. Probably best to ask such questions in the forum, in this case on the comp page for comp 214, since most of us don't look at our own page to see we have a message. Nonetheless, in answer to your question, "show flavors" is a user option - feel free to change user options to your heart's content. Only "birth options" can't be changed for a comp. And, technically, you should reload the original starting savefile on a death, rather than use the rebirth screen, else the @'s are no longer comparable (hit point progression, town layout, etc., would be changed).
  2. Ylidene
    March 11, 2018 03:25
    Hey Ingwe, sorry for the dumb question, I'm extremely new to Angband. I was just staring at the interface options I selected for competition 214. I had included "show flavors in object description". Should this have been turned off? My score is invalid if this is the case. Regardless, had a blast and looking forward to more. After playing a lot of rogue-lite games I decided to try an actual roguelike, pretty awesome!
    Cheers and apologies for the bother!

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