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  1. Grotug
    April 15, 2017 01:26
    I'm playing 4.0.5, yes (well, the nightlies versions lately, but they visually they are the same). I am playing on a Mac and use Mac's built screen capture functionality to capture the screen. Since I'm playing on a mac, I can't get it to be full screen, so I zoom in on the windowed game to make it look like it's full screen. (On Mac's you can zoom in on the whole screen).

    I recommend high-elf warrior or half-troll warrior. High-Elf warriors level up slower, but if you adjust their STR/DEX at start you can get 4.3 blows a round with a dagger, which makes the early game really easy; plus they see invisible creatures. Half-Troll warriors are good because they have so much starting strength and that combination has the best CON. I think High-Elf Warriors are best for beginners.

    When selecting High-Elf Warrior, reduce the DEX to 10/40 and increase the STR to 10/40 when starting out in order to get 4.3 blows a round.
  2. Abaxvahl
    March 23, 2017 14:48
    Are you on 4.0.5? If so how do you get your ascii to be like your screenshots here:

    Mine is always thin, spread-out, and ugly, I can't get it to be pretty like that.

    And do you recommend that race/class for beginners?

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