Competition No.81

Starts:January 13th, 2010 12:00
Ends:February 10th, 2010 00:00 (ended)
Variant:Unangband 0.6.4-pre2
Save file:Download starting save file
Unangband, the Unnamed Angband, is a highly original variant from the rock (paper, shotgun) star of the Angband world, Andrew Doull. This is the first part of a double competition - the second part is here.

The competition is "Master vs Apprentice". Winner in least number of actual turns (Act Turn on the character sheet) . If no winner, deepest unique killed, but Mirest receives a bonus of +5 levels depth when calculating this.

Mirest will need wands of spark to survive early on, Aspir scrolls of phase door. It is possible to do a conventional mage build with these once you survive the early game and start finding the dungeon books. But by then you may have grown to appreciate the strengths of each speciality by that time.

Winner is the winner in least Actual Turns, or failing that the deepest unique killed.

Unangband 0.6.4-pre2 can be downloaded from the Un home page (source and windows - OSX port to be available soon).

Current standings (all entries) [toggle]

 namebyrace classlevelexperienceturncountdeepest kill updated
1Mirest II, the MasterBig AlShadow Fairy Mage32354,11660,923514 comments5.2.2010 18:13
2Mirest, the MasterBig AlShadow Fairy Mage2865,55185,226396 comments26.1.2010 16:50
3Mirest XIV, the MasterVRBonesShadow Fairy Mage2636,37151,709343 comments30.1.2010 07:30
4Mirest 2, the Masterbaddog73Shadow Fairy Mage2529,68339,305274 comments6.2.2010 10:09
5Mirest XV, the MasterVRBonesShadow Fairy Mage2873,50235,450186 comments8.2.2010 17:35
6Mirest, the Masterbaddog73Shadow Fairy Mage2317,63766,701174 comments2.2.2010 09:21
7Mirest, the MasterRochShadow Fairy Mage1195439,972103 comments2.2.2010 06:03
8Mirest, the MasterVRBonesShadow Fairy Mage131,76019,92156 comments24.1.2010 13:17
9Mirest XII, the MasterVRBonesShadow Fairy Mage1089719,16402 comments23.1.2010 07:21 updated
10Mirest TK, the Masterkonijn_Shadow Fairy Mage960713,42306 comments19.1.2010 23:06 updated
11Mirest X, the MasterVRBonesShadow Fairy Mage72599,24902 comments20.1.2010 10:30
12Mirest, the MasterPete MackShadow Fairy Mage411613,46101 comment19.1.2010 07:32 updated
13Mirest II, the MasterRochShadow Fairy Mage728917,17102 comments19.1.2010 06:12 updated
14Mirest III, the Masterkonijn_Shadow Fairy Mage62476,65801 comment19.1.2010 04:28 updated
15Mireats, the MasterandrewdoullShadow Fairy Mage41215,36402 comments17.1.2010 04:46
16Mirest II, the Masterkonijn_Shadow Fairy Mage844312,428011 comments16.1.2010 14:50
17Mirest, the MasterandrewdoullShadow Fairy Mage733610,56605 comments16.1.2010 03:48
18Mirest, the Masterkonijn_Shadow Fairy Mage2381,30802 comments14.1.2010 20:44 updated
19Mirest, the MasterthorgotShadow Fairy Mage105804 comments14.1.2010 01:53 updated

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